Like so many of you, on July 14, 2020, Adrienne read a piece by Jodi Cohen in ProPublica titled “A Teenager Didn’t Do Her Online Schoolwork. So a Judge Sent Her to Juvenile Detention.” 

People reacted swiftly and Adrienne saw that first-hand. She received over 1,500 emails at her school board email address. She read every single one. Adrienne, together with her colleagues on Birmingham School Board, passed a resolution offering to assist the court with restorative practices in Grace’s case. Local and national officials called for immediate review of Grace’s case. Celebrities and Oakland County residents echoed a common refrain: Free Grace.

And still, after a review of her case, the judge decided Grace should remain in detention. Worse yet, that judge and five others were running unopposed on the November ballot.

Now, Adrienne Young is running as a Write-in Candidate for Oakland County Circuit Court- Incumbent Full Term.  She's decided it is time to challenge the status quo.


Grace is back home with her mom and off probation, thanks to an emergency intervention by the Court of Appeals and incredible advocacy from her mother, her appellate attorneys, and so many others. But, the call to action remains the same.


With 42% of the children in juvenile detention being Black and only 15% of our youth, Oakland County is overdue for equity. Oakland County is overdue for compassion from judges, who see litigants in distress and often hold the keys to their liberty. Oakland County judges are overdue for some serious self-reflection, naming and tackling the implicit and explicit bias that holds our county justice system back from being something so much more. Together, let’s bring equity, compassion, and reflection to Oakland County Circuit Court. Write in Adrienne Young for Oakland County Circuit Court- Incumbent Full Term.

Why Adrienne's Running

Help Our Cause

Let's bring equity, compassion, and reflection to Oakland County Circuit Court. Help us spread the word to the nearly one million registered voters in Oakland County by donating today. 

If you prefer, please mail a personal check made out to the Committee to Elect Adrienne Young to 1564 Penistone Street, Birmingham, MI 48009.  

Canon 7 of the Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits a judicial campaign committee from soliciting more than $100 per lawyer. If you are a lawyer, please regard this as informative and not a solicitation for more than $100. MCJC 7B(2)(c).